Honda Concept Snowmobile

An all electric powered snowmobile weighing in at under 100kg. Students degree project, check out This project is coming up for 3 years old. If I did as everybody keeps saying and redesigned it as gas with maybe a long track and better sound track. At least tell me what you guys would want. Post anything from music to design ideas that would actually help. Even go look at what mission R are up to:


that tying battery would die in that he coldTayTay VideoGaming
If it can be done Honda would be the ones to make it happen....I love 2-strokes, but you cant argue with electric.....Turd Ferguson
why not hybrid.Marc Plante
It would work if you had drones flying in and out to replace the batteries as you go.Klaudiosable
Take the things off the ski's Garrett Hyatt
Electric? No,No,Nocorey mink
Why pick the most annoying music known to mankind to put in this vid?morgan roberts sr
considering how light it is compared to other sleds and the fact of how much torque electric motors have at a stand still (unlike gas with clutches) , this thing would accelerate insanely fast :D The Tranquil Tiger
Pretty cool and innovative concept. I don't understand the split track... why? Also, the shrouds over the front suspension are just going to collect snow and add unnecessary unsprung weight.moaski
it's beautiful! I like it! It's 100% symmetrical, awesome! The power output?doncarlo5
If you can make a full sized snowmobile under 100kg's I'll give you all my money and possessions. I don't care if its powered by wind, 100kg's is insanely unrealistic.C Blair
what happen with your website huskydesign????Carl Jacob
Very cool.Speedytrip
one obvious design flaw, shocks to real idler wheels, they are supposed to supple constant pressure to the track, if they are on a shock the track will slipcody belanger
Electric motors have 5 times higher acceleration and power than gas engines..Matthias Aaron Pedersen
I love the thinking and appreciate the direction theyre going in with it, but it'll take years before an electric snowmobile will be good enough.jjjjj
nice track! good ol passion pit Nathan Helland
Snowmobiles are gas guzzlers, I don't see how a pack of battery can have enough power to push this thing in powder for any length worth to call a ride. On an inch of snow you don't need this, batteries got to be heavy. Electric bikes are efficient and don't sell because of a too short range, they are expensive. I see some interesting ideas there, but this will not sell. A word of advice : Honda better build the monsters that their fans want instead of trying to attract tree huggers, or whoever don't give a crap about a snowmobile and will never buy one anyway and loose their long term disciples in the process. What a marketing fart. I don't understand what's going on at Honda, TRX 700, waited for years and the rear suspension....why Honda why a sport quad designed like a 4x4 that tuns like a cow, a supermoto without the super, 230 air cooled, where are those CBX and NR-750 ?? Giovanni Boezio
how does everyone still think that battery powered vehicles are environmentally friendly? They use precious rare earth metals!Tyson Augustin
Does japan get snow?Cogswalmen
An electic snowmobile makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to put something like this on the market, its gonna have to be gas powered.Dylan Schuth
Send me all the cad files and I'll make it. Don't care what the others say: I love the sled and the music!MisterWeedwhacker
1. all the battery weight is up high = tippy 2.there is no wind blocking for the rider 3.there is no cover for the track so snow doesn't get thrown back up at the rider or the people behind 4. no storage for anything 5. how do those batteries do at -15 degrees. 6.blah blah blah blahRichard Fennessey
Make it a gas driven snowmobile and take away those ugly covers beside the skis... Probably a nice project, but gasoline motor will probably be a better option... DopeRiders Official
I see a little bit ofd a yamaha nytro, and a little bit of polaris rush Robert Blackwell