KSG Nuclear Decimation

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It's all about the bulls.Kayla S
Scumpi mad XDDD 9:20 Oh my god Tbag really? XDDDRainbow "Danger" Dash
Thunk lol Erik E
man the camos and the guns look so much sexier in this than ghosts. like now we got spectrum camo what happened to blinged out shit like dragon?KingRichard
Kid Ink's cool and all, but i can't listen to him anymore. His lyrics are just terrible to me. JoeShmo808
9:29 lmfao henry conner
what camo is he using for the KSG?jacob Everingham
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You're good gotta give ya that :)Justin Lang
9:24 rage is realCaliDeeno
Scump don't lie you were actually mad for a second when he teabagged youBob Loblaw