Carlos Santana- EUROPA

La mejor musica de Santana. EUROPA
Author:Omar Correa


Carlos Santana-EuropaΘοδωρής Μανώλης
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Love this live version Santana was so young. What a great fucking sound, excuse my french. LOL! This is another one of those artist of the time, that really played with that african latin sound adding jazz and blues elements in the mix. MmmmmhhhmmmPedro Dena
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My thanks to italian tv for reminding me of this.Joris Gruaz
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This week’s reading was very interesting in the sense that I never thought I would be able to analyze a genre which I have been exposed to for many years. It was fascinating to know how guitars were first starting off and thus resulting in a band to come together by the use of the tinkering rather than relying on something concrete. Van Halen was able to teach us that brands didn’t and don’t matter, parts themselves are expendable, and that the summation of the parts are the ones that count. Halen reminds me of another guitarist, Carlos Santana (Carlos Santana- EUROPA). Santana was able to infuse many different types of music genres as well as a whistle solo in order to create something new. Both of these guitarists have taught the world to step out of the ordinary and be different. What can be said as both supportive and contrary is this statement from Chion and Brewster: “The space defined by the sound is not the same as that once constructed by the image. It abounds in details; it is polyphonic but vague in its outlines and borders; it is, in other words, acoustic. Sound suppresses the notion of a point of view that can be localized. Where do we hear from? For the ear, the equivalent of a point of view should be a listening point. But if we are dependent on sound alone, without the confirmation of sight, a listening point is very vague. Consider a point source of sound in the middle of a room. A faithful reproduction will not even tell you, with your eyes closed, on which side of the room the microphone was placed. Sound does not indicate the outlines of the object from which it emanates. Nor does sound know Euclidean perspective, however hard we try to make it do so.“ From what I can understand, this means that sound or where sound comes from cannot be defined unless it’s backed up by some sort of visual aesthetic. I sort of disagree. Take for example Raymond Scott’s ‘Portifino’ piece. I can picture using this piece in some sort of aircraft in outer space and I wouldn’t need any visual paradigm to see where it’s coming from. However, reading the comments on this video, I can see that people can see this music being played in an elevator setting. So, in a sense, a third dimension was not addressed as to using our imagination or even triggering back a memory. Perhaps someone has heard a sound before and can tell you exactly where it could be found. Tying back to Halen, it doesn’t matter how or where the sound comes from, rather how the audience perceives the sounds. That, at the end, is all that matters. #Sound Cintia Guerrero
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Carlos Santana- EUROPAGust MEES
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